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How to Manifest Love Using 3 Simple & Proven Methods
Learn 3 powerful and proven methods to manifest your partner, lover or soul mate. Signal to the Universe that you are ready for love!
Manifestation Journal: Unboxing The Maniscripting Journal Box Set
Want to see what's inside The Maniscripting Journal Box? Come see founder, Samantha, unbox and talk about all the items inside this luxury box - This manifestation journal is the only tool you need in 2021 to help you manifest money, love, career & health! 
Maniscripting Vision Board Tutorial

Are you ready to up-level your manifesting process with a vision board? Then you are in the right place! This video will teach you a vision board process that actually works for manifesting and create what I like to call, The Maniscripting Action Energy Vision Board

Full Moon Ritual for January 2021 in Leo

FULL MOONS = The time to release, purge and let go of anything that is no longer serving you! This January 2021 Full Moon is in Leo and Leo Energy is calling you to rise into your light and lead with your heart! 

New Moon Ritual 12 Month Oracle Card Spread for 2021
The New Moon in Capricorn 12 Month Oracle Card Spread for 2021. A great way to start any new year to give you insight into the upcoming year. Capricorn Energy is all about hard work, determination, resilience and upward mobility! You can use the energy of a new moon to achieve your goals OR to start on a new project. This is also the perfect time to reflect on old goals and set new ones.
Crystals 101: How To Buy Your Crystal
If you get overwhelmed and struggle with picking a crystal to buy, in this video I’m sharing 3 simple steps to keep in mind when you are crystal shopping!
How Manifestation Changed My Life and Business
Story Time: Manifestation Proof! It Worked! Founder, Samantha Kozuch, shares 2 of her big life changing manifestation experiences with you. If you’re not using these methods already, OR if you think manifestation doesn’t work then maybe this story will inspire you to change your opinion and try again and learn the method that actually works!
How to Make $100K A Year
I'm pulling back the curtain on everything I have done to make well over $100,000 a year in my business including my daily and monthly routine.
How To Manifest Anything
Manifesting and more importantly, knowing how to manifest correctly is key to actually having manifestation work for you. Learn how to manifest with these steps.