Hi babes! Our first Full Moon of 2021 is on January 28th and I’m very excited that you want to learn my full moon ritual.

FULL MOONS = The time to release, purge and let go of anything that is no longer serving you!

This full moon is in Leo -  I’m not an astrology expert by any means, nor do I claim to be one, BUT I do research all the moons to learn what I need to focus on during this time, and of course the timing of this moon couldn’t be better because there’s a lot of energy happening on the planet right now… like what’s happening in politics, the disclosures, and just all the awakening occurring all over the world…

This Full Moon in Leo and Leo Energy is calling you to rise into your light and lead with your heart! This is really fitting and important right now because of everything happening, our entire world is literally in division over politics, how governments are handling lock downs, the medias role in all of this and so forth - you all know what I’m talking about!

And all of this happening has most likely caused division between your friends, family members, co-workers - everyone! Right?! And maybe you’re feeling distracted, or have mixed emotions, and even though everything to date has happened to purposefully divide us, right now during this full moon energy and moving forward, it’s time to go into your heart and use that heart energy to get centered. And a great way to go into your heart is to use this method I learned from Pam Gregory, who is an astrologer that I learn a lot of the moon and planet astrology from. 

So how to get into your heart energy and stay in your heart is to imagine you breathing in and out of your heart just like your lungs. As you breathe (watch tutorial video above for demonstration) this is going to slow down your breathing and this creates heart coherence.

Now, if you don’t know what heart coherence is, it’s actually measurable and it’s the science behind being able to raise your vibration and others as well. What happens when you are in heart coherence, your electromagnetic field expands, and every cell in your body becomes coherent which has an incredible healing property, which if you’re not already familiar with Dr. Joe Dispenza, I highly recommend reading or listening to Becoming Supernatural as he teaches a lot on this. And so when this positive electromagnetic field that you create from your heart center is also infects other people with that coherence too. So this is how you can send love and send it out to the collective and even if you’re not physically close to someone. It’s super powerful.

So whenever you’re feeling distracted, stressed out, angry, confused, or any other type of emotion where you just feel completely scattered, use this heart coherence breathing technique to get your energy back to coming from your heart.


These are the steps for a full moon rituals that you can literally do for any of Full Moon throughout the year! Throughout this year I will be sharing updates on different full moon rituals because every single Full Moon has a different type of energy as we move through a different type of zodiacs and what's going on in the world and the universe with our planets and stars so there is always something extra you can do for every single full moon.

For example, for this Full Moon Ritual, the extra step that I've taught you is to be in heart coherence as it is in Leo and that's what you should focus on during this time.

What is the full moon and why is it important?

Full moon rituals are for releasing and purging the things in our lives that no longer serve us. You can use this Full Moon energy to check in with yourself, to rest, to restore, and to let go of all that is dense and heavy. And you want to ask yourself what habits, patterns, or behaviors are you willing to let go of to make room for a new way of being?

So a way that you can remember the meaning of the full moon is for example, oh the trash is full, what do you do when the trash is full? You need to release and purge it in order to be able to fill it up again.


* I highly recommend saving it to your BOOKS on your iPhone for easy reference when you are doing this ritual.


What you will need for this ritual is:

A scared space/room free of all distractions, texts, calls, etc.

Device to Play Music - like your cell phone or computer

Sage and/or Palo Santo

Your Favorite Crystals (optional)

White and Black Candles

Angel / Oracle Cards (optional)

Journal and Pen - Hopefully it’s The Maniscripting Journal and if you don’t have yours yet, click the link below to order it now!

Piece of Loose Leaf Paper (that you will burn)

A Bowl of Water


Watch the tutorial video above to see how to perform each step:


Step 1: Create a sacred space/room free of all distractions, texts, calls, etc outside under the moon. If weather does not permit you to be outside, try to find a window in your house where you can see the full moon. If you are unable to, you can still do the moon ritual, just be sure to place your crystals in the moonlight when you are finished.


Step 2: Play Moon Vibe music of choice - or search the Maniscripting Circle playlist on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3kCn3ZCmdqMYziQGLMHMiA?si=KChDty_2TBiI12y2D0l8AQ


Step 3: Layout all your crystals, journal, light white and black candles, angel cards and prepare your space for card pulling, meditation, and journaling.


Step 4: Cleanse the space/room of all negative energy with sage or palo santo


Step 5: Full Moon Oracle / Angel Card Pulling


Step 6: Purge & Release Journaling


Step 7: Heart Coherence Breath-work


Step 8: Abundance Meditation - I’ve linked down below the one that I love doing on full moons, which is on youtube: https://youtu.be/kC6so_Z5mGg


Step 9: If you are not already outside, go outside, bare-foot and observe/bathe in the moonlight! If the weather does not permit you to go outside, sit by a window where you can see the moon.


Step 10: Leave crystals into the moonlight to charge overnight. You can also fill a glass with spring water, leave it overnight in the moonlight; drink the next day for energy!


All instructions are inside the PDF download, and here are a few listed out to read:

Sage Cleansing Instructions & Script:

Take your sage and light it. Start to move the bundle around your body (at least 3 times and please be careful - if you have long hair put it in a bun so it doesn’t catch on fire behind you). If you are doing this ritual inside, please have your front door and window open to allow negative energy to leave the space. If the weather does not permit you to open your door and window, crack it just a little bit for the time you are performing this sage cleansing. Then close.

Then you want to stand and move about your space as you recite the script, you may say it over and over if you are moving around your home or space to clear all negative energy from it.

Repeat this script out loud:

"Dear 'universe, angels, spirit guides, higher power' (insert what you believe),

Please clear and remove any negative energy that no longer serves me and my higher purpose. I ask that only love, light, health, wealth, happiness, and abundance fill this space.

And so it is."

And now you and your space are cleansed of negative energy.


Full Moon Card Reading:

Using Oracle or Angel Tarot Cards perform your card reading ritual use this guide. Record your card pull in your journal (use the notes section at the back of The Maniscripting Journal):

Start by shuffling your cards, and you can shuffle in any way that you feel called to and as you shuffle, hold the intention to receive guidance and insight for this full moon phase.

Once you feel complete with shuffling, you’re going to pull 5 cards.

You can pull cards in any method you like. Honestly, always use your own intuition and what you feel pulled to do here - there is no right or wrong way! Some people like to cut the deck into three piles, left to right, and select from the top. Some fan out the cards and pick cards randomly. Others cut the deck once and pull from the top that way. Use whatever method feels best for you. Again, there is no right or wrong way. I’ve used each of these methods with accurate results.

Then you want to follow the diagram in the download in this ritual, but however you pull your cards and lay them out, make sure you know in which order each card was pulled.

Here is what each card means:

Card 1: Theme of this moon cycle

Card 2: What needs to be known tonight

Card 3: What needs to be released &/or what is currently blocking you

Card 4: Guidance to heal this block

Card 5: Energy & Outcome that will emerge from this release and healing

After you have pulled all the cards, I highly recommend writing them down in your Maniscripting Journal under the Notes section at the back of the journal. This is a great way to be able to look back at your card spread before the next full moon. This way you can see how accurate your card pull was.


Watch the Tutorial Video and Download the FREE Full Moon PDF Above for all the instructions to follow!

Now it’s your turn! Perform this Full Moon in Leo Ritual and let me know how it works out for you (comment below or tag @TheManiscriptingJournal on Instagram when you perform your ritual - I'd love to see your set up and re-post you!).

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Thank you for saving, downloading, and using my ritual and guidance through this full moon. I am honored to be a part of your spiritual journey.

Together, we can and will raise the consciousness of this planet. If you want to manifest and set intentions to bring your goals and dreams to life, be sure to check out The Maniscripting Journal and order yours today!


Samantha Kozuch

Founder of TMJ