About Us

The Maniscripting Journal is going to help guide you to manifest your wildest goals & dreams! It will help you raise your vibration, your abundance and frequency so you can attract and pull in everything that you desire into your reality - be careful this is a powerful practice... because it goes without saying - be careful what you wish for, because you will attract it.

This Maniscripting Method will going to help you become a magnet for abundance. Many walk around repelling their desires because they are stuck and carry a negative energy, and because like attracts like, when you're stuck in a negative or doubtful energy this is what you will attract more of.  

Going through this process for this first time creates an awakening, but creating a daily ritual out of it unlocks the immense power of the Maniscripting Method. Over time, you will experience this first hand, and learn the power of journaling out your thoughts, desires, goals and wishes will truly change your life. 

The Maniscripting Journal is a method that should be done daily, just like brushing your teeth, eating and bathing. You will have the most success when you are able to adapt it to your morning routine.

Meet the Founder...

Don't Let The Whispers Turn Into Screams!

​Hey babe!

I’m Samantha Kozuch, the creator of The Maniscripting Journal™ and The Maniscripting Method.

I want to share my story behind this powerful journal because I KNOW you will be able to relate to it (is some capacity!)

It was 8 years ago that I had a traumatic experience happen to me because I ignored my intuition for months and months... This was my mega "wake-up call".

It was time for a massive change and I had to step out of my comfort zone and finally go after my dreams that my higher self was calling me to.

At the time, I was 26 years old, I had never created a vision board, I had just watched The Secret, and I had never learned about manifestation or law of attraction before...

Once I started learning about it, I became OBSESSED with the idea that I could create my own reality. I created my own daily routine and ritual practice that helped me move and pick up my entire life and move to another state literally on hopes and dreams.

Many doubted me and I didn't have the support of my family. It was scary AF... but it was THE BEST DECISION I had ever made in my life.

What got me through the fear, panic, and doubt was the daily Maniscripting ritual that I had created for myself. It kept me aligned, focused, and in a high vibration that helped me manifest the perfect apartment, friends, jobs/income, car and so much more!

I knew it was time for me to birth this journal during the most traumatic times in our lifetime - during Covid/Lockdown in July 2020. When I saw my personal community going through the trauma of losing jobs, schools closing, lives turning upside down in a blink of an eye - my intuition started whispering to me again...

I knew the only way to get them out of their negative frequency was to use my Maniscripting method. I started sharing my rituals and I couldn't believe the transformations women were having. It was then that I knew I had to take my method and put it into a physical journal so more women could heal and manifest their truest desires.

Using the Maniscripting Journal I’ve manifested over $100,000 in my bank account, my dream partner, my home right on the ocean, my car, even my golden retriever puppy and SO MUCH MORE! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without getting clear on what I truly wanted, what was holding me back and how to keep going when things weren’t working out (or so I thought…).

Over the years I have created my own manifestation techniques, moon rituals, morning rituals, and yearly goal setting rituals which you can now find inside The Maniscripting Journal. 

To be completely transparent, launching The Maniscripting Journal was never part of my logical life plan, but my intuition whispered to me, and I had learned many lessons over the years to not ignore the whispers.

So I put my trust in the Universe and gave birth to a powerful luxury manifestation and life design journal.

Over 700+ journals have been sold to date!

So many transformations and manifestations have come to fruition in the Sisterhood community!

So here I am, ex influencer and social media business coach now running an e-commerce business while teaching women how to truly step into the power and create their reality. I know this was my mission all along in this lifetime to help other sisters rise to their fullest potential and step into their higher selves.

Every day when a journal sells, I send out vibes of gratitude to the soul that bought it.

You're not here by accident. Your higher self is calling you to go through the process and your sisters and I are waiting for you on the other side. I hope to see you inside the Sisterhood to learn more.


Manifestation isn't magic, it's a lifestyle.


xx with love & gratitude,