Maniscripting Vision Board Tutorial

Maniscripting Vision Board Tutorial

How To Create A Vision Board That Works!

Learn my step-by-step process to create a manifestation vision board using The Maniscripting Method

Hi babes! Are you ready to up-level your manifesting process with a vision board? Then you are in the right place! In this video above, I'm going to teach you my vision board process for manifesting and create what I like to call, The Maniscripting Action Energy Vision Board. For this method, it’s recommended that you have The Maniscripting Journal, but if you don’t have the journal, you can definitely still follow along this method.

2 Ways to Create Your Board

There are 2 ways to create this board, you can create a physical board or a digital board. Creating the digital board is the easiest way, however, I personally love creating a physical board because I love having something tangible to place on my shelf and look at on a daily basis as a reminder, but after you watch this video, do whatever you feed called to doing and what’s best for you - and you can definitely create both!

First, when you’re getting started and organized with your board, you want to be clear about the main focus of your board. Do you want to create a board for ALL of your goals and desires that you want to manifest, or do you want the board to focus on ONE main goal? There is no right or wrong answer for this - choose which way you want to do! 

All your goals and desires are connected, so regardless if you focus on one desire or all your desires, they will all start to manifest because they are usually connected. If you have The Maniscripting Journal, you are already doing the daily Maniscripting ritual inside the journal and you are focusing on only ONE goal or desire at a time, but for your action board, you can use it for the entire birds-eye view vision, so your inspired daily to take action, which will eventually lead you to manifest your entire board.

I personally create my boards for all of my goals and desires, and make sure when you create yours, take some pics and stories and tag @TheManiscriptingJournal on Instagram - I would love to see your boards!


What you need, how much time this will take and some tips for both types of boards:

Set the Space:

Make this activity fun, special and high vibe! I personally love creating rituals out activities like this, so I’d set the intention to do just that when you are creating your Maniscripting Action Energy Vision Board

Play high-vibe music

Light candles, sage and/or palo santo

Make your fav beverage of choice

Invite your besties to join you (if you want!)

If you are creating a physical Maniscripting action board you will need:

A poster board, cork board even a white board will work!


Glue or Pins

Pictures from magazines or printed out

If you are creating a digital vision board, you will need:

A computer


And obviously access to wifi for Google or Pinterest Searching.

To get started making your board:

Once you’ve decided on the board, you want to set an afternoon for a few hours to go through this process, and if you are doing the physical board you might want/need to do some pre-work before creating the board.

To get started, if you already have the Maniscripting Journal, you will want to use the Life Design process, which is Part A of the journal. The 10 questions in that section, plus the section that follows Part B, Put In The Request Into The Universe is what you’ll need to go through and use your answers to get images for to use on your board.

If you do not have The Maniscripting Journal, I highly recommend that you order it because the Life Design Process makes creating your board much easier and it will give you clarity on what it is that you want to manifest, and also determine what’s been holding you back and help you be confident in your decisions and actions. You can still continue with this video, as I will be giving you basic guidelines, but going through the Maniscripting Method in combination with this makes it this Maniscripting Action Board much more powerful. (order the journal here)

If you are creating a physical board, here is a big tip for you that I did for my board this year: These days, magazines are SUPER expensive and when I tried to make a physical vision board a few years ago, I had spent about $50 on magazines, only to find nothing that suited my vision… So that’s when I turned to google images, pinterest, canva and Walgreens photo printing to print out exactly the images that I needed. In the video above I show you how to do this! 

Printing your pictures is a cheaper way, and also, you’ll put images on your vision board of things that you actually want versus things that you just happen to find in a magazine - which most likely you might not be able to find. So you might have to turn this into a 2 day process, or if you start this in the morning, send the images online to same day printing and go pick them up and come back to finish the process.

If you are doing it the digital way: you’ll use a similar method, find the images online, save them to your computer, and create a design in canva with your images. You can create a background for your phone or for your computer! In the video above I show you how to do this as well. 

How to Organize The Pictures On Your Board: 

There is an energy blueprint that you want to follow, and it’s the feng shui bagua method. Here's how you want to layout your images, and again watch the video for the full tutorial.


Purple - Wealth and Abundance

Mantra for this area is: I am wealthy affirmations

Big picture financial goals

Put a check with a written dollar amount here

Pictures of money


Green - New Beginnings & Family

Mantra for this area is: I am loved and have a great support system

Pictures of Health Goals

Pictures of Family goals


Blue - Wisdom and Knowledge

Mantra for this area is: I open myself to receiving all the wisdom and knowledge

Pictures of things you want to do to learn more. For example, maybe you have a goal to be able to afford to go to Tony Robbins or joining a mastermind (most have a financial/income requirement to meet before joining), Or maybe you want to go to a yoga retreat or do NLP training… put pictures of things you want to go do to learn more.

Red - Reputation and Fame and Social Life

Mantra for this area is: I am respected and loved.

Pictures here could be of you speaking on stage or having a podcast, or if you are working towards an award or level in your company put pictures of the award or title here.

Middle Square is Yellow (but they don’t really make yellow markers so I used Orange) - Health area

Mantra for this area is: I am healthy

Pictures here can include your body goals, workout goals, health goals of any kind.

Black - Career or Business

Mantra for this area is: I am a successful CEO or I am a successful executive

Pictures of Business and work goals.

For example, mine are pictures of a beautiful HQ and warehouse housing the maniscripting journal and hiring an incredible team of employees and growing a high vibe community to do live events.


Pink - Love and Relationships

Mantra for this area is: I am in a healthy, loving relationship with a partner who respects me.

Pictures for this area include whatever your goals for love and relationships are; are you wanting to call in love, get married, have babies, adopt a puppy…

White - Creativity and Kids

Mantra for this area is: I am creative and my feminine energy is flowing.

Pictures for this are include anything creative that you’d like to do. 

Gray - Travel and Helpful people

Mantra for this area can be: I travel first class on a private jets

And Pictures of how you travel and where you want to travel. You can also include pictures of inspiring people who can help you with your goals.


Psst! Before moving forward, comment down below, or take a screen shot of this page and tell me what you’re number 1 thing you are trying to manifest, and tag @TheManiscriptingJournal on Instagram stories so you can put in the request to the universe!


When you go to creating your vision board, you don’t have to have images for ALL the areas, just what ever goals and desires you do have, lay out the images in the area they need to be in. But don’t leave your board blank in the areas you are not manifesting, you can bring all the images together to overlap the areas as well.

If you are creating a physical board you can either glue images down or use pins to add or remove images as you see fit.

Once you have completed your board:

There are a few more steps once your board is completed to seal in the manifestation energy and send it out to the universe.

Write this down on the back of your board and say the mantra below out loud, and then take a few minutes to sit with your board, stare at it, envision the feeling of having all these things come to fruition. This energy is the power that will not only help you attract it, but also inspire you to take action towards those goals and desires. Once you are done with this, I recommend to do a guided meditation to seal in the manifestation energies.

Maniscripting Action Energy Vision Board Mantra out loud (and write it on the back of your board along with the date the board was created):

Today's Date

I call upon the powers of the Universe

I call upon the spirit of the Universe

I call upon the heart, mind and soul of the Universe

I call upon the powers of time

I call upon the powers of the stars

I call upon the God and the Spirit of all things

*** Write/Say all your goals and desires that you want to manifest out loud - yes all of them***

I thank the powers of the Universe

I thank the spirit of the Universe

I thank the heart, mind and soul of the Universe

I thank the powers of time

I thank the powers of the stars

I thank the God and the Spirit of all things

And so it is.


Once you have completed the creation and manifestation process then you need to decide where you want to put your physical board. I put mine in my office because that’s my private space and I go in that room every day. I recommend putting it somewhere that you can see it every day and spend time looking at it and visualizing everything on it.

So there you have it! Now it's your turn to create your Maniscripting Action Energy Vision Board and then take a picture of it and tag @TheManiscirptingJournal so we can share it with your sisters on our social media.


Thank you so much for watching and reading this tutorial video blog post and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more tutorials, rituals and videos to help you manifest your dream life and comment down below if you found this tutorial helpful!




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