12 Month Card Spread for 2023

12 Month Card Spread for 2023

How to Do A 12 Month Card Reading

The 12 Month Card Spread is a great way to start any new year to give you insight into the upcoming year. Doing this card reading anytime in January is perfect, but I personally love to use the first new moon energy to do mine, as it symbolizes new beginnings.

You can use Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, or Angle Cards for this spread, here are some of my favorites:

✨ Messages from the Angels Oracle Cards

✨ The Wild Unknown Tarot - Kim Krans (this is what I use for moon rituals)

✨ Earth Warriors Oracle 

When you do this spread, do not read TOO much into these cards. They are to guide you and help you tap into your intuition. If you pull a card that says something dark or negative, it doesn't necessarily mean something bad is going to happen to you... it can be a range of things, so don't take it too literally if you are a newbie.

Don't use it as a forecast, but take the messages that you are meant to receive and reflect back on the cards after the month passes - you'll understand more as you read through the directions below.

Steps for New Year 12 Month Card Spread

Best 12 Month Oracle Tarot Card Spread 2022 The Maniscripting Journal

Step 1: Set Up Your Space

Before you start any ritual, you want to set up and clear your sacred ritual space. I love to use candles, especially white for the new moon, surround myself with crystals and play some light high vibe music, follow the Maniscripting Spotify Playlist Here (I added new music monthly)

Step 2: Get Centered

Use sage, palo santo, or burn any other herbs to clear your space. Then perform a meditation or just take a few deep breaths in and out while asking your guides, angels and spiritual teachers for guidance and protection during your reading.

Step 3: Shuffle Your Cards

As you shuffle, hold the intention to receive guidance and insight into the upcoming year. If you have any specific questions on business, career, money, life or health, feel free to ask this too.

Once you feel complete with shuffling, you’re going to pull 13 cards – one for each month and one for the total outcome.

Step 4: Pull Your Cards

You can pull cards in any method you like. Honestly, always use your own intuition and what you feel pulled to do here - there is no right or wrong way! Some people like to cut the deck into three piles, left to right, and select from the top. Some fan out the cards and pick cards randomly. Others cut the deck once and pull from the top that way. Use whatever method feels best for you. Again, there is no right or wrong way. I’ve used each of these methods with accurate results.

As you pull cards, you’re going to lay them out in such a way that you know which card represents what month. When doing the 12 month new year oracle spread, I like to lay the cards out in a circle - see the diagram below. Pull and place the first card at the one o’clock position and work your way around in a clockwise fashion, putting the 12th card at 12 o’clock and the 13th card in the middle, this represents the theme for the year. Pull each card first, then you can go through and read all the meanings and take what you need to from each of them.

Step 5: Write Down Your Card Messages

After you have pulled all the cards, I highly recommend writing them down in your Maniscripting Journal under the Notes section at the back of the journal. This is a great way to be able to look back at your card spread after each month is over, or at the end of the year for an overall review. This way you can see how accurate your card pull was. In the journal, write out the month, name of the card pulled, and meaning of the card.

Now it’s your turn! Perform this New Moon 12 Month Oracle Card Spread for 2023 and let me know how it works out for you (comment below or tag @TheManiscriptingJournal on Instagram when you perform your ritual - I'd love to see your set up and re-post you!)

Thanks for reading & watching this video tutorial. Happy New Moon and 2023! Cheers to your abundance and success this year!



Founder of TMJ

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