Manifestation Journal: Unboxing The Maniscripting Journal Box Set

Manifestation Journal: Unboxing The Maniscripting Journal Box Set

Unboxing The Maniscripting Journal | Manifestation Journal for Beginners 


This luxury manifestation journal is the tool you need in 2021 to help you manifest money, love, career & health! This powerful morning manifestation journal will help you set goals, remove blocks that are holding you back and help you achieve them faster. Join the sisterhood today and order your journal!

Shop The Maniscripting Journal (Gold+White Limited Edition):

The Must-Have Manifestation Journal Bundle

Every box comes with The Maniscripting Journal + Clear Quartz Crystal + Sage Bundle - These tools will help you bring your dreams, goals, and desires to reality!

It’s time for you to ask yourself what you really want. Say goodbye to self-doubt and start feeling more empowered every day of your life. The 90 Day Maniscripting Journal is the most powerful manifestation journal available. This luxury journal includes questions to help you activate your subconscious mind, writing prompts and affirmations.

You need this manifestation journal for 2021 to become the most confident, positive version of yourself.

What's Included in The Maniscripting Journal Box:

Luxury Hardcover Journal with Gold Protective Corners and Gold Double Bound spiral ($60 value)

Unique Quartz Crystal sourced ethically from Brazil ($49+ value)

Sage bundle sourced ethically from California ($15 value)

Gold Crystal Engraved Pen with Blue Ink (blue ink is key for manifesting) ($20 value)

Instant Access to The Maniscirpting Method Course which includes the Digital Downloadable Version of the Maniscirpting Journal ($111 value)

Bonus Suprise Gift ($8 value)