How to Do A New Moon Ritual

How to Do A New Moon Ritual

The Power of A New Moon Ritual

New Moons are A new moon represents the start of a new lunar cycle, so naturally, it symbolizes new beginnings and a fresh start!

A simple way to remember what new moons represent is simple:

New Moon = New Beginnings

Use the energy of a new moon to brainstorm your goals and desires, set intentions and plant seeds for your desires to come to fruition. It is also the perfect time to reflect on old goals from previous new moon rituals and see if you are still aligned with those goals. If you are still working towards those goals, transfer them over into this new phase.

You can perform a new moon ritual within 3 days before or after the peak, however the closer you are to the peak of the new moon, the stronger the energy is to tap into.

New Moon Ritual

Step 1: Download the Maniscripting New Moon Ritual

New Moon Ritual Link:

Step 2: Set Up Your Space

Before you start any ritual, you want to set up and clear your sacred ritual space. I love to use candles, especially white for the new moon, surround myself with crystals and play some light high vibe music, follow the Maniscripting Spotify Playlist Here (I added new music monthly)

Step 3: Get Centered & Meditate

Use sage, palo santo, or burn any other herbs to clear your space. Then perform a guided meditation for visualizing your future or just take a few deep breaths in and out while asking your guides, angels and spiritual teachers for guidance and protection during your reading.

Step 4: Visualize What You Want

As you meditate and come out of meditation, visualize what you want. In order to bring anything into reality you have to see it so you can energetically feel it!

Step 5: Write In Your Journal

Answer the following questions by writing them down in your journal right after coming out of meditation:

1. What are three goals I want to accomplish over the next 30 days?
2. What does my heart truly desire?
3. I see these goals manifesting, what emotions do I feel?
4. What habits and practices can I do to support these desires?
5. What limiting beliefs do I want to let go of that are holding me back?
6. What boundaries am I setting to support my growth and well-being?
7. What does my soul need to move forward?
8. I am setting the intention to . . .
9. Write a letter to the Universe: Dear Universe, God, Sprit Guides - I am so happy and grateful that ..... (fill in your goals and desires as if they have already happened)


If you don’t already have the Maniscripting Journal I highly recommend ordering it for this year! It is perfect for getting clear on your goals and desires, determine what’s holding you back from achieving those goals, and will help you get clear on your goals - plus it’s also a daily manifestation journal to help you manifest what you get clarity on!

The first half of the journal is a question based self development workbook and the second half is your daily morning manifestation journal (plus it comes with a video course too to help guide you through it!).