Crystals 101: How To Buy Your Crystal

Crystals 101: How To Buy Your Crystal

How to Buy Your Crystal

3 steps to pick the right crystal for you!

If you get overwhelmed and struggle with picking a crystal to buy, in this video I’m sharing 3 simple steps to keep in mind when you are crystal shopping. 


First, I do have to start this post off with *spoiler alert*:  There is no wrong way to pick a crystal! Woo hoo! There’s always a reason you picked it and wanted to buy it, but before that point, when your standing in a crystal store surrounded by gorgeous crystals or shopping online and have so many options, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed and struggling to pick the right one.


Here are 3 steps to take next time you go crystal shopping:

Step 1: Go into your Heart

What are you attracted to most? What is your intuition telling you? Go internally and listen to what your heart is telling you and what are you being drawn to. 

Step 2: Don’t Buy a Crystal because Someone Told You To

When you start learning about crystals you start to learn which crystals do what, and sometimes when we are told say, a pyrite crystal is for abundance and money in a book, then we think we have to go run out and buy that crystal. BUT like I said in the first step, you have to go into your heart and see if that’s what crystal you really need. Don’t buy a crystal just because a book or video told you to, make sure you are actually drawn to it, because in some cases, the crystal will not work for you if you bought it with your mind and not your intuition. It is always best if you can buy your crystal in person, because you can see it, be drawn to it, hold it, and really get in tune with it. These days, it might be harder to find an open metaphysical store, so if you buy online just make sure the crystal is real and see pictures of it.

Step 3: Tune into the Energy of the Crystal

Hold your crystal and make sure you tune into the energy, the feeling might be subtle, but mother nature has already infused your crystal with energy - see if you can tap into it. Then you can clear and program the crystal. You want to bond and spend time with your crystals. Don’t buy a whole bunch of crystals and put them on a shelf and never touch them again… they’re not going to work for you. So make sure if you learn about your crystal and give it your energy too.


And that’s how you pick your crystal! If you’re brand new to crystals, make sure you subscribe to our youtube account and also go check out other helpful blogs here on the site!