How Manifestation Changed My Life and Business

How Manifestation Changed My Life and Business

How Manifestation Changed My Life

Story Time: Manifestation Proof! It Worked!

If you’re not doing Manifestation and Law of Attraction techniques - you’re literally doing your life a disservice! Today, I'm sharing 2 of my big life changing manifestation experiences with you. If you’re not using these methods already, OR if you think manifestation doesn’t work then maybe my story will inspire you to change your opinion and try again and learn my method that actually works!


The first time I experienced manifestation was when I was moving states and basically starting over in a brand new city! It first started with manifesting my move from Arizona to LA 6 years ago, and this is about my apartment hunting experience and the importance on being super clear on what you want... watch the video above for the full story!

The second manifestation story is about business and finances. It’s almost scary flipping back over old manifestation journals because everything I had written about has come to fruition. Let me give you an example. I randomly flipped through my old journal, and in October last year I wrote about “ making $100,000k from a mastermind” and literally this was before I ever even had a conversation with a friend of mine (who btw I would’ve never even though about doing a mastermind with), and in late November we decided to launch a mastermind together for 2020 and we ended up hitting $100,000k in enrollments! It was literally insane. I’ve never had a 6-figure launch like that before and it happened so fast! Here’s a screen shot from our stripe account, and the other $25k came in through another account that I don’t have access to, but it was like holy shit. This is crazy that I had been using the manifestation method, and then it randomly ended up happening!!! And it’s not random, but it happened in the way it was supposed to unfold.

So this is the method that I use, it’s called the Maniscripting Method, and I actually created an actual journal to take you through all the steps to learn how to manifest correctly. It’s all about really getting clear on what you want, removing any blocks holding you back and then subconsciously programming yourself every morning to be in the highest vibration possible. So if you want to really evolve this year, and achieve some big goals, I really urge you to get your hands on the Gold and White edition Maniscirpting journal, which btw also comes with a gorgeous quartz crystal, sage bundle and custom gold pen too, and i’ve linked it down in the description below!

So those are just two manifestation stories, and I literally have hundreds more, another one that I will be sharing soon is how I manifested my boyfriend, who we’ve already talked about, will be my husband, and I used the maniscripting method and crystals for that as well, so let me know in the comments if you want to hear that story!