The Maniscripting Journal Box Set
The Maniscripting Journal Box Set
The Maniscripting Journal Box Set. Manifestation Journal, Abundance Journal, Goal Setting Journal, Ritual Kit, Higher Self Aura Mist
The Maniscripting Journal Box Set
The Maniscripting Journal Box Set
The Maniscripting Journal Box Set
The Maniscripting Journal Box Set
The Maniscripting Journal Box Set
The Maniscripting Journal Box Set. Manifestation Journal, Abundance Journal, Goal Setting Journal, Ritual Kit, Higher Self Aura Mist
The Maniscripting Journal Box Set
The Maniscripting Journal Box Set

The Maniscripting Journal Box Set

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The Maniscripting Journal is designed to help you get clear on your goals and desires, transform your life, and awaken your inner Goddess energy.

The Maniscripting Journal Box Set gives you the writing prompts, rituals, and tools to create your dream life! Immerse yourself in this 90-day journey of self-discovery, creating clear intentions for living your desired reality.

The powerful process of visualizing and writing down your desires will help activate your subconscious mind, enabling you to achieve anything you set your mind to. Whether you're searching for happiness, love, success, or all three — this workbook + daily journal backed with the support of the Sisterhood community will inspire you to be intentional about manifesting greatness in your life.

What's Included in The Maniscripting Journal Box: 

  • Luxury Hardcover Journal with Gold Protective Corners and Gold Double Bound spiral ($60 value)
  • Higher Self Aura Mist ($32 value)
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Wand Point ($29+ value)
  • Gold Crystal Engraved Pen with Blue Ink (blue ink is key for manifesting) ($20 value)
  • Instant Access to The Maniscirpting Method Course which includes the Digital Downloadable Version of the Maniscirpting Journal ($111 value)
  • Bonus Suprise Gift added at checkout ($24.99 value)
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Interesting and Not Overwhelming

    I have tried other manifestation journals that take hours upon hours to fill out and get to the actual start of the journal part. This is in-depth but did not take several days to fill out the beginning part. It took me 3 days to fill out the beginning but it was just because I took my time to think about the answers to the first section of questions.

    Meghan L.
    Mindset Shifting

    I love my Maniscripting journal. The first section really prepares your mindset for abundance and hones in on what it is you are truly wanting to manifest. I am about a week into my 90 day journey and can already see how much goodness this process is going to add into my life. I already made my sister buy one too so we can share our journeys with each other!

    Denise Campbell

    This is truly a God sent I was struggling and really was not clear on how and what to do but with this guidance and simple instructions I am on my way to living the life of my dreams
    when I say I love this I am so grateful for the Universe bringing this to me and allowing the funds to get it is everything

    Samantha thought of everything!

    I love my maniscripting journal! The journal itself is absolutely gorgeous; it's truly a luxury item. Once you open your journal, there are so many thoughtful touches on the inside. The Life Design section helped me dig-in and truly discover what it is I wanted to manifest so I wasn't just flying by the seat of my pants. One of the questions is "who is the person you need to become to achieve & manifest your desires?" - I reference this question in daily life, not just when it comes to my journal! The principals of manifesting are included in the journal as well, and I also have the maniscripting course. Samantha has truly thought of everything! I got the box set, and I was not disappointed with all of the extras! Beautiful product. Fast shipping. Thank you so much!

    Savanna Barlow
    For my sister

    I ordered this beautiful journal for my sister. She was ecstatic with the gift, and said she would treasure it forever. 💗

    The Maniscripting Journal Features

    what women are saying

    I’m a mom and I have been using the journal for 7 weeks now. I started using the journal as a way to align myself with what I am trying to manifest. I have been able to manifest a new position with the company that I currently work for, which I had been trying to get for a while. I feel amazing after using The Maniscripting Journal, it has really helped me dial in on what it is that I am truly passionate about. I would highly recommend The Maniscripting Journal as it is easy to follow, and it makes you take a serious look at yourself and where you want to be in your life. It has been life changing for me that is for sure!

    Lindsey S.

    The Maniscripting Journal has been life-changing for me. I’m a 29-year-old realtor in Pittsburgh and have been using the journal for the last 6 weeks. I started the journal because I can get stuck in the negativity that can surround me at times and I know I want to live a life free of that. I started this journey wanting to manifest more money in my business and overall a happier, more positive life. I have already manifested my first goal of earning $5K/month in my business and it can only get better from here. Because of the Maniscripting Journal, I feel like I am on the path of living the life I’ve always wanted!

    Aimee B.

    The Maniscripting Journal

    All the daily ritual tools you need to bring your dreams, goals and desires to reality!

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    The Maniscripting method

    It’s time for you to ask yourself what you really want! Say goodbye to self-doubt and start feeling more empowered every day of your life. This convenient morning journal will help you become the most confident, positive version of yourself so you can manifest the life of your dreams!

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