Guide: 8 Powerful Things to do on 11/11 The Most Powerful Day for Manifesting

Guide: 8 Powerful Things to do on 11/11 The Most Powerful Day for Manifesting

What is 11/11 all about?

A cosmic gateway or portal opens up, allowing for increased spiritual awareness and connection. It is seen as an opportunity for heightened consciousness and manifestation. Many people believe that on 11/11, the universe is more receptive to manifestation and intentions. It's considered a potent time to set positive intentions and align oneself with higher energies.

In numerology, the number 11 is considered a master number, representing intuition, spiritual insight, enlightenment, and extraordinary powers. The number 1 is represented by the magician. The magician is known to use his spiritual and physical tools to manifest from nothing.   When it appears in a repetitive sequence of 11 or 111 or 1111, it is believed to amplify its influence and are light codes activated by angels, that support growth of your soul.

It's viewed as a time when individuals may experience a deeper connection to their spiritual path and purpose.

What Should I Pay Attention to Today?

Pay attention and tap into the 5th dimension. Are your angels sending you signs?

Their messages might come to you in the form of angel numbers or spirit animals. They may also come to you through music or art. Wherever you are, look and listen a little bit closer. What you’ll discover is that there are magical messages all around you, showing you what you need to know in order to align with your highest path.

What are the best things to do on 11/11?

Due to the heightened energy on 11/11 it is the best and most powerful day to put effort towards your manifestations and desires that you want to call in.

Our Guide: 8 powerful things you can do on 11/11 to manifest your desires:

1. Create a soothing and grounded space by lighting candles, playing the Maniscripting playlist, burning herbs, or anything you do to make it feel magical.

2. Start with a Guided Meditation. We recommend this meditation to help you get fully grounded and connect to Your Purpose: Listen here

2. If you feel called, pull a card from a deck you feel called to. If you do not use cards, it's okay to skip this step. Maniscripting does not offer a card deck, but here is a beautiful deck that we recommend from Echo Summer Hill, Soul Up Way (use code 11OFF)

3. Set a timer to journal for 11:11 minutes (use the back pages inside your Maniscripting journal). During this time, free write anything that comes to mind, also known as intuitive journaling. These are the messages and downloads you are meant to receive. Don't question anything that you write, just write!

4. Once you are done journaling, reflect on what came through and then note any new action that you need to take.

5. Set Clear Intentions: Define specific, positive goals.

If you have the Maniscripting journal and have not completed the Life Design section, today is the BEST day to do that!

6. Create a Vision Board: Visualize aspirations through images. Use the Vision Board Method inside the Maniscripting Journal.

7. Practice Gratitude through out the day: Cultivate thankfulness for current blessings.

8. Nourishment and Self-Care: Take time today to love on yourself. Whether it's taking a bubble bath, getting your nails done, or an at-home face mask with your feet kicked up - nurture well-being for balanced energy.

Whatever you decide to do today on 11/11, do it with intention and pay attention to your higher self and intuition. Your manifesting abilities are much stronger and it’s a great time to truly download and follow your divine purpose.

No desire is too big for this energy today!

oxox Happy 11/11

Included image from one of our community members: @mdenen94