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Whether you're searching for happiness, love, success, or all three — this workbook + undated 90-day journal will inspire you to be intentional and take action on manifesting greatness in your life.

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Success Stories

The Maniscripting Journal has been life-changing for me. I have already manifested my first goal of earning $5K/month in my business and it can only get better from here. Because of the Maniscripting Journal, I feel like I am on the path of living the life I’ve always wanted!

Aimee B.

I started using The Maniscripting Journal as a way to align myself with what I am trying to manifest. I have been able to manifest a new position with the company that I currently work for, which I had been trying to get for a while!

Lindsey S.

The Maniscripting Journal reminds me everyday of my dream & what I’m working towards(or what I’m maniscripting at the time). It helps me start my day right, and overall helps me keep a positive mindset through the day.

Anisha L.

To say that I am obsessed with journals and LOA is an understatement, but I could never find JUST the right notebook. Samantha has created a product intentionally designed and curated just for people like ME! It’s been a beautiful experience to watch it unfold and I literally can’t wait to share this journal with everyone I know and allow them to experience The Maniscripting Method for themselves. You don’t know what you’re missing! It’s gold, just absolute gold!

Morgan C. from Huntington Beach, CA



Journaling first thing in the morning is like creating a blueprint for your day, allowing you to set positive intentions and align your mindset with success.

It's your personal sunrise for a brighter, empowered day ahead!

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My story...

Hello beautiful soul! I’m Samantha Kozuch, the creator of The Maniscripting™ Journal and The Maniscripting™ Method. Using the Maniscripting™ Method I’ve manifested over $100,000 in my bank account, my dream partner, my home right on the ocean, my car, even my golden retriever puppy and SO MUCH MORE! I wouldn’t have been able to do this without getting clear on what I truly wanted, what was holding me back and how to keep going when things weren’t working out (or so I thought…). Over the years I have created my own manifestation techniques, moon rituals, morning rituals, and yearly goal setting rituals which you can now find inside The Maniscripting™ Journal. I can’t wait to experience the power of this journal!

xx with love & gratitude,