Orgonite Pyramid for EMF Protection (Black Tourmaline)
Orgonite Pyramid for EMF Protection (Black Tourmaline)
Orgonite Pyramid for EMF Protection (Black Tourmaline)
Orgonite Pyramid for EMF Protection (Black Tourmaline)

Orgonite Pyramid for EMF Protection (Black Tourmaline)

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An Orgonite pyramid helps to filter and balance energy fields in our environment. Orgonite built in a pyramid shape creates a more powerful and well-defined purification vortex as compared to other shapes. This powerful pyramid transmutes EMF effects of cell phones, wifi devices, wifi access points, electrical meter transmitters, and many other sources of EMF energy.

Dimensions: Base: 3" x 3" - Height: 2.5" 

How to Use An Orgonite + Black Tourmaline Pyramid:

For Daily EMF Protection:

Place the Orgonite + Black Tourmaline Pyramid around your home, workplace or anywhere where you are consistently exposed to EMF radiation such as by your computer, tv, wifi router, or other electronic devices.

For EMF Protection Perimeter:

Use 4 Pyramids and put them in all four corners of a room to create an EMF protection grid for your room, office, or home. 

For Sleep:

Place two Orgonite + Black Tourmaline pyramids on either side of your bed or under your bed to protect your body from EMF and balance your chakras while you sleep.



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