Moon Ritual Kit
Moon Ritual Kit
Moon Ritual Kit

Moon Ritual Kit

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🌝 The moon's energy is very powerful and potent. It's so powerful that it not only has an impact on human reproduction, in particular fertility, menstruation, and birth rate but its gravity pulls at the Earth, causing predictable rises and falls in sea levels known as tides.

🌊 We are made up of 60% water, and Isaac Newton's theories, proposed that the gravitational pull of the Moon affects fluids within the human body, and this is why aggravating conditions such as epilepsy and kidney stones as well as menstrual cycles, hormones, emotions, and behavior can be more intense depending on the moon cycle.

⚡️ You can harness the energy of the moon during the new moon and full moon phases by creating a deeper connection to yourself and your feelings through creating a monthly moon ritual to check in with yourself.

🔮 This moon kit will give you the foundational ritual tools to help you create a ritual to harness the cosmic energy through journaling, meditating, cleansing, and charging your crystals.

Moon Kit Includes:

⚪️ 6 inch Moon Phases Selenite Plate 

🐚 Abalone Shell (4-5 inches)

🌿 White Sage Torch Bundle

🪵 2 x Palo Santo Sticks

🕯 2 x Black and 2 x White Tealight Candles

 📔 Full Moon & New Moon Ritual Instructions (delivered digitally) 

🗂 Instruction for Use cards for Sage, Palo Santo & Selenite

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